All Inclusive Vacation

Itís that time of year again, and vacation time has rolled around again. The sunís blazing gloriously down on you, thereís not a storm cloud in sight and youíre up for your vacation. This is the one thing that keeps you going through the cold wintry months and you wonít forgo even a minute of it. Youíre looking forward to the all inclusive vacation that you booked with your friends and canít wait for the time to pass.

You and your friends have been planning this vacation for some time now, but up until a little while ago you were still undecided on where exactly to go. You know you wanted sun, sand and surf, but in this day and age you can get that just about anywhere. You had already tried out a few packages and package deals before this and they were okay but you wanted to try something different, which is why you decided on going in for an all inclusive vacation. But do you really know what youíre getting when you book one of those?

Youíve heard many people talking about their own all inclusive vacation and how great it was but this is the first time that any of you are going in for one. Your holiday dates and everything is already booked, and you know what you were told to expect, and what youíve read up about it, but youíre still slightly apprehensive. After all you donít want anything to mar the perfection of your holiday so you do a little more research to find exactly what youíve gotten yourself into.

To begin with you find that each all inclusive vacation package differs from company to company and sometimes even from place to place. Generally for all these packages however, when they say all inclusive vacation, they really do mean all inclusive. Taxes, meals, airport pick ups, airport drops, activities within the resort and sometimes youíll even get access to other resorts if theyíre from the same group of companies. This doesnít always happen though, and may only come with what are called luxury all inclusive vacation packages.

For the most part however, almost anything and everything that you can think of is covered by the all inclusive part of your all inclusive vacation. This leaves you free to enjoy your much anticipated vacation. So now youíre satisfied that you didnít get a raw deal by getting an all inclusive vacation package, you and your friends can go on your holiday with a clear conscience. After all even the tips are taken care of so you donít need to worry about carrying anything along with you on to the beach other than that skimpy new bikini you bought and suntan lotion.