Atkins Diet

If you live in the western world then thereís a better than good chance that youíve at least heard about the Atkins diet. If you havenít, youíve either been living on Mars or with your head buried under the sand. This isnít necessarily a bad thing either, since you might not really want to be following the trials and tribulations of all the latest fad diets to hit the market.

Surprisingly enough though, the Atkins diet isnít a new fad diet, but has instead been around for over 30 years. If youíre always looking for ways to lose weight however, donít take the length of time the Atkins diet has been around to be proof that it works. Nuclear weapons have been around for far longer but that still doesnít mean theyíre good for us.

If you look hard enough, and listen long enough youíll always find someone who can give you the information that you want to hear. That doesnít necessarily make it right, or true. Itís only been in recent years that the Atkins diet has really taken off.

Donít read this the wrong way though, the Atkins diet does work, and there are people for whom this diet has worked positive wonders. If you look at the Atkins diet carefully youíll also find sensible ideas and suggestions that will lead you to the path of a good dieting regime. Everything has its positive sides and the Atkins diet has many redeeming features about.

However, with so much negative support from most of the major governmental organizations, not to mention other medical and nutritional organizations you might wonder what can be so wrong with this diet. You could of course say that none of these organizations want the Atkins diet to succeed at their own cost, and you could be right. No one will ever know for sure.

If you look at the facts as they stand now, you can make an informed decision for yourself without having to resort to someone elseís opinions. I wonít go into any detail here, but briefly what the Atkins diet promotes is less carbohydrates in your diet, and more proteins and fats. Basically you can eat, within reason, any amounts of meat, butters, and fatty foods, whilst limiting your carbohydrate intake.

Ultimately though what matters is not any diet or exercise regime but how you perceive yourself. If youíre overweight and forever trying to lose weight any diet will seem good, and the Atkins diet can help you to lose weight. If you lose the weight but are still unhappy then your weight wasnít the problem in the first place.

So whether you try a fad diet or a sensible doctor-recommended diet, you should only do it if youíre going to feel better within yourself, not because someone recommended it to you. After all youíre the one whoís going to have to live with yourself, so only you can decide if you want to do the Atkins diet or not.