Cause Of Headaches

A great many people in the world have at one point or another, experienced headaches. They may say that they have a migraine or a tension headache. Some people will experience headache problems due to their sinuses. While suffering from headaches is an annoying problem knowing the cause of headaches may help to prevent further attacks.

Headaches can be caused by a variety of reasons. They can be simple problems like eyestrain to the sinus cavities being inflamed. They can also arise from life threatening conditions like encephalitis, brain cancer or cerebral aneurysms. Sometimes a head injury will also be the cause of headaches.

These types of headaches are easy to find and treat. There are some headaches where the cause is some what elusive to diagnose immediately. Cluster headaches are one type of headache where the cause is a little difficult to state immediately. Cluster headaches are headaches that cause a sharp and very painful headache to the individual.

Now even though these headaches occur at least several times a day and last for some months they are less commonly occurring than that of migraine or tension headaches. A tension headache on the other hand is more often experienced by people.

Some times the cause of headaches like this may be attributed to feelings of hunger or dehydration. The other causes can be muscle contractions in the shoulders, the neck area, scalp and the jaw. Stress, depression and anxiety can also be regarded as being the cause of headaches.

Other causes of tension headaches are not getting enough sleep, overwork, missing mealtimes and using various drugs and alcohol. Some people will experience tension headaches due to the types of foods and drinks that they have.

Migraine headaches are another type of headache that many people will experience during their life. The cause of headaches of this nature are as yet not clearly known. However for the individual who suffers from this complaint they will have symptoms like feeling nauseous, blurred vision and light sensitivity. The pain from these headaches is usually felt only on one side of the head. Sometimes the pain will be felt on both sides of the temple.

As was stated earlier sometimes the cause of headaches can be found linked to sinus problems. These headaches are known as sinus headaches and they are caused by an inflammation in the sinus passage.

There are quite a few headaches types that we must deal with in our lives and knowing what the cause of headaches is, can help us to avoid situations that may trigger such painful attacks. Perhaps someday we will be able to stop the headaches from occurring right at their beginning.